Marinduque DayCare
Support Incorporated

Designated as a 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Organization
by the USA Internal Revenue Service

In the Philippines the smallest of the government units, the Barangay, each has a Day Care Program.
The 3 to 4 year old children of the Barangay generally attend half day sessions. Each Day Care is staffed by a Day Care Teacher. Most of the 218 Day Care Centers are in a very rural areas. The Teachers are paid approximately US$25.00 a month.

The Day Care Program has one general and one specific goal.
General Goal: Give the children basic instruction in academic and social skills;
Specific Goal: A noon meal. The Philippine government provides rice, the parents add vegetables and meat
when available and prepare and serve the meal to the children.

Generally the Day Care Centers have very little in the way of school supplies.
The Day Care Teachers try and provide some materials from their monthly stipend. The primary goal of
Marinduque DayCare Support is to provide some basic school supplies. Observing the needs,
Marinduque DayCare Support has also decided on the following goals:

Goal 1 - Provide basic school supplies enabling each child to be better equipped
to learn and excel when they enter the regular school system;

Goal 2 - Establish a program to improve the skills of the Day Care Teachers. There are four things that, by improving the
skills of the Day Care Teachers, will improve the children’s Day Care experience:
a) During the Teachers monthly meeting present a lesson plan with craft ideas that support the lesson;
b) Have a lending library of materials related to the lessons that will help the Teachers become certified;
c) Help Teachers learn to better assess needs for their Day Care and organize parents and volunteers into service projects;
d) Suggest ways Teachers can work with their Barangay Councils to find
funding sources to improve their Day Care Centers.

Goal 3 - Improve the physical facilites for each classroom/building.
By helping the Teachers learn to assess Marinduque DayCare Support, Inc.
has a long term goal of offering some funding for projects and ideas. More importantly help Teachers,
parents, volunteers and government find local ways to fund improvements to their Day Care Centers.