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Day Care Workers

Short Hisory

Dick and Jeanne Douglas lived in the Philippines from January 2012 to July 2014. We were lucky enough to spend a year and a half on the island of Marinduque. Twice a week we spent a morning helping in a Day Care in the Cabugoa barangay*. Jeanne is a teacher and enjoyed very much presenting lessons to the little children.

The Philippine Day Care program has two goals. First, a time and place to teach the 3-4 year old children some basic academic and social skills. Second, the Philippine governement provides rice so the children have at least one meal. The parents provide vegetables or meat and prepare and serve the children.

Jeanne was asked to present a sample lesson monthly to the 30 plus barangay Day Care workers in the municipality of Gasan**. Jeanne would prepare a lesson with a craft related to the lesson subject. The Day Care workers would do the craft as part of Jeanne’s presentation. The ladies would leave with a lesson outline, a finished sample of the craft and masters to duplicate for the children in their Day Care Center.

We became aware that the Day Care centers on the island could use some help with supplies and support. Even though the workers had the masters, a lesson outline and a finished craft they did not have the materials to duplicate the masters or the supplies necessary for the children to make the craft for the lesson.

The Day Care workers are compensated approximately the equivalent of US$25 per month. Generally the workers use the majority of the money for what supplies they can afford. Some barangays budget a little more, some a little less. The majority of the Day Care centers are rural and cannot provide anything but the most basic support.

After consulting with a couple of workers we made a plan to provide some basic supplies to each of the Day Care centers in Gasan. There are 32 Day Care centers in Gasan. We surveyed the Day Care centers and found an average of 30 children in each center. We purchased supplies and boxed them up for each center. The workers held a special meeting and we gave each worker a box of supplies.

Remembering how gratefull her Day Care workers were for the school supplies we have created a non-profit with the goal to benefit and support the Day Care centers on the island of Marinduque.

* Barangay - the smallest administrative unit in Philippine government.
** Municipality of Gasan - one of six Municipalies on Marinduque.

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